Upcoming Events
CB Club
June 2021
Switzerland (french part)
Upcoming Events
CB Expo
Sept. 11th-12th
Zurich, Switzerland
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The Cannabis Business Club of Switzerland

CB Club

The Cannabis Business Club
Next edition: June 2021 (depending on the Covid situation)
Location: French-speaking part of Switzerland
Participants: 200-300 companies
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Producers, wholesalers, manufacturers, shops, media and experts all meet in this small yet refined setting for a relaxed Cannabis Business Network event with that ‘extra something special’.
Old and new business partners alike come together in a casual ambience here and share interesting news from the world of politics, finance, law, agronomy and medicine.

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The Cannabis Business Expo – from Switzerland to the world

CB Expo

The Cannabis Business Expo
First edition: 11-12 September 2021
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Participants: 100 stands, 500-1000 companies per day (depending on the Covid situation)
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The Cannabis Business Expo for CBD, medical cannabis, grow and paraphernalia products, wholesale and services. Introduce your company, products, brands and services with a stand or as a sponsor or visit the CB Expo and expand your network of business contacts. Thanks to its latest legislation, Switzerland offers enormous potential for producing and importing CBD and THC products and for selling on the global market.

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