Upcoming Event
CB Expo
Sept. 10th-11th 2022
Zurich, Switzerland
Upcoming Event
CB Expo
Sept. 10th-11th 2022
Zurich, Switzerland

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Program - Zurich 2022


Pilot projects for adult use of cannabis: an update from Switzerland and the Netherlands
Moderation: Pia Meyer (Cannavigia)
Speaker: Arno Hazekamp (LCC) und Lino Cereghetti (Pure)

The new Swiss legislation governing medical cannabis
Moderation: Daniel Haymann (MLL)
Speaker: Daniela Eigenmann (Bahnhof Apotheke Langnau AG) und Christian Werz (Federal Office of Public Health)

CBD market development and regulatory framework
Moderation: Michela Mastropietro (Swiss Queen GmbH)
Speaker: Daniel Donauer (LL.M. / CAS) und Boris Banas (CBDepot.eu)

Germany on the road to legalization
Moderation: Lisa Haag (MJ_UNIVERSE GmbH)
Speaker: Franziska Katterbach (KHIRON Europe) und Lito Schulte (Lito Law)

How international laws affect cannabis regulations: the examples of Uruguay and Malta
Moderation: Stefan Martin Meyer (PhytoFlow GmbH)
Speaker: Alfredo Pascual (Seed Innovations) and Andrew Bonello (ReLeaf Malta)

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150 episodes of The Cannabis Conversation podcast
Speaker: Anuj Desai (Canverse)

Trichomes of cannabis: their structure, function, and density
Speaker: Dr. Callie Seaman (Aqualabs)

Education: your key to market development
Speaker: Viola Brugnatelli (Cannabiscienza)

Safety and transparency in cannabis products
Speaker: Michela Mastropietro (Swiss Queen GmbH)

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Speakers - Zurich 2022

Pia Meyer

Pia Meyer
Project Manager & Product Owner
Cannavigia/ Vigia AG
> Website

As Project Manager and product owner at Cannavigia, Pia Meyer supports and coordinates pilot projects for the legalization of cannabis and is responsible for the further development of their software module for customer engagement and marketing.

Arno Hazekamp

Arno Hazekamp
Cannabis consultant for research and education
Legal Cannabis Coalition (LCC)
> Website

Dr. Arno Hazekamp became one of the first cannabis researchers in Europe when he started his PhD on medicinal cannabis in the Netherlands in 2003. As a biochemist, he has worked for Dutch LP Bedrocan, advised the Dutch Office of Medicinal Cannabis, and supported numerous cannabis projects around the world as an independent consultant.

Lino Cereghetti

Lino Cereghetti
Pure Holding AG
> Website

Lino Cereghetti studied Biology and Agricultural Sciences at ETH Zürich. He acquired important national and international business experience in the field of start-ups, development and consulting. As Chief Operating Officer at Pure Holding AG, he is responsible for the ongoing strategic and political development of the group. In August 2020, he was elected as a member of the Executive Board at the Swiss Cannabis Industry Association. Within Interest Group Hemp, he focuses on regulatory affairs.

Daniel Haymann

Daniel Haymann
> Website

Daniel Haymann heads the Cannabis department at MLL and advises investors and companies on the cannabis market in contract and company law as well as other regulatory issues.

Dr. phil. Daniela Elisabeth Eigenmann

Dr. phil. Daniela Elisabeth Eigenmann
Farmacista, co-direttrice del reparto Cannabis medicinale
Bahnhof Apotheke Langnau AG
> Website
> Website

Daniela E. Eigenmann lavora quale farmacista co-direttrice nel reparto cannabis della Bahnhof Apotheke di Langnau, la farmacia della stazione, il cui direttore è il dottor Manfred Fankhauser ed è una pioniera nel settore della canapa medicinale in Svizzera. Daniela E. Eigenmann è responsabile della produzione e della distribuzione di medicamenti a base di cannabis, nonché della consulenza e dell’assistenza alla clientela. Quale relatrice motivata si impegna nella tematica della cannabis e nelle relative applicazioni terapeutiche.

Christian Werz

Christian Werz
Research assistant
Federal Office for Public Health
> Website

Since September 2019, Christian Werz has been working as a research assistant at the Federal Office for Public Health in the field of Political Foundations and Enforcement. One of his primary tasks is the processing and evaluation of applications for the granting of therapeutic use exemptions in connection with cannabis and other prohibited narcotics. He originally studied biology and in 2004 completed a thesis in the field of molecular biology and genetics in Switzerland. In the meantime, he has become a German/Swiss dual national and lives in Zurich.

Michela Mastropietro

Michela Mastropietro
Mitbegründerin & Managing Director
Swiss Queen GmbH
> Website

Michela Mastropietro is a multilingual, young and driven entrepreneur with a dedicated work ethic and ability to implement and manage deliverables in a highly dynamic and complex industry. Michela has worked with leading organizations, acquiring in-depth training in the Swiss financial sector before having had the opportunity to collaborate with notable start-ups and develop scale-ups and strategic partnerships with big players and leading manufacturing companies globally in the up-and-coming cannabis industry. Michela’s mission is driven by the desire to share education and knowledge among industry participants and society in order to provide safe access to cannabis across the globe. “Together we grow.” – Michela Mastropietro

Dr. iur. Daniel Donauer

Dr. iur. Daniel Donauer
LL.M. (Health Law)
CAS (Medicine Law)

Daniel Donauer is a lawyer at the MLL law firm and specializes in health and medical law issues. In this context, he advises his clients, among other things, about Swiss product implementation (i.e. medicinal products, medications, food, cosmetics issues, other commodities, chemicals and alcohol and tobacco).

Boris Bañas

Boris Bañas
Founder and Chief Sales Officer
> Website

Hemp activist since 1999. 100% dedicated to hemp business since 2011. Co-founded CBDepot in 2014. Providing advisory to various trade associations.

Lisa Haag

Lisa Haag
A founding member and executive board member of the German professional body BvCW e.V. and an active member of the Cannafem Network – a professional network for women, hemp and cannabis.
> Website
> Website
> Website

Lisa Haag has been working in the cannabis industry since 2017. In July 2018, she founded MJ_UNIVERSE GmbH, a publisher for digital products (e.g. Krautinvest.de) and a collaborative network for connecting companies across the hemp and cannabis value chain. She collaborates with a network of specialist experts to provide companies with advice on how to navigate around the cannabis ecosystem in Europe. She has completed an apprenticeship in business administration (IUBH, Bad Honnef) and a Bachelor’s degree in Business (Victoria University, Melbourne) in Hospitality Management. Lisa has been working for many years at companies operating in strategic and regional sales for facility management services (IFM, TFM, CFM, etc.).

Franziska Katterbach

Franziska Katterbach
> Website

Franziska Katterbach is an accomplished business executive and legal expert (zugelassene Rechtsanwältin) who brings extensive experience working within Europe's emerging cannabis industry. After completing her legal studies at Universität Leipzig and Landgericht Darmstadt, Franziska joined the corporate law firm Dentons, where she was involved in high-profile deals in the cannabis sector across multiple jurisdictions. Franziska later served as Director of Legal for Canopy's European operations, before joining Khiron. With 8+ years of regulatory expertise and 4+ as business executive in the European emerging cannabis industry, Franziska has well rounded knowledge in the industry. Franziska is considered a pioneer of the medical cannabis market in Germany, working in the medical cannabis industry in Europe on executive level since the very beginning in 2016.

Lito Michael Schulte

Lito Michael Schulte
> Website

Since 2020, Lito Michael Schulte has been advising large pharmacists, food business operators and distributors specializing in cannabis with economic law issues relating to the German-European regulatory framework. He is currently undertaking a Master’s degree in Commercial Law (LL.M.) at the University of Münster and is working towards a PhD on a topic relating to corporate law.

Stefan Meyer

Stefan Meyer
Phytoflow GmbH
> Website

Stefan Martin Meyer, MBA, was raised in the Italian side of Switzerland, near the city of Lugano. He then moved to Spain where he co-founded Phytoplant Research SL, which was granted the first research license for medicinal cannabis in Spain in 2012. While there he was able to get various R&D grants by the European Union for projects related to cannabinoids and medicine as well as publish results in high impact scientific journals. In 2019 Stefan joined Plena Global Holding Inc (Canada) as Chief Strategy Officer, where he has been leading a project licensed to grow medicinal cannabis in Colombia. In 2020 Stefan founded Phytoflow GmbH, a Swiss based company providing experience-driven strategic business advice to companies active in the medical cannabis sector.

Alfredo Pascual

Alfredo Pascual
VP of Investment Analysis
Seed Innovations (LON: SEED)
> Website

Based in Germany, Alfredo is a prominent cannabis industry analyst who has been identifying opportunities and generating unique insights for businesses and investors in Europe and Latin America since 2016. He is currently VP of Investment Analysis of Seed Innovations Ltd (LON: SEED), the AIM quoted company investing in fast growing and industry leading businesses with a focus on the medical cannabis, health and wellness space. Before joining Seed Innovations, Alfredo worked as International Analyst at MJBiz, the leading US-based B2B resource for the cannabis industry, where he focused on covering how markets and investments were evolving internationally. Alfredo has a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Governance and Public Policy.

Andrew Bonello

Andrew Bonello
Releaf Malta

Andrew Bonello is the President of ReLeaf Malta and has since 2019, has worked tirelessly to represent the voice of cannabis consumers in Malta. Andrew actively meets various local players and international experts to discuss issues related to cannabis, human rights and public health, more specifically advocating for a more just, humane and non-criminal approach. Today, Andrew remains committed to pushing for a truly decriminalized and regulated approach to cannabis, placing the well-being of consumers at the heart of every decision.

Anuj Desai

Anuj Desai
Canverse Consulting
> Website

Anuj Desai is host of Europe’s leading cannabis industry podcast, The Cannabis Conversation, having interviewed over 150 global cannabis thought leaders. He is a qualified lawyer, having worked in a variety of senior roles in the UK media industry over 15 years and now acts as a legal consultant and board advisor to cannabis start-ups and SMEs in the UK. Anuj has developed and continues to expand an extensive global network in the cannabis, CBD, cannabinoid and hemp sectors.

Dr. Callie Seaman (PhD)

Dr. Callie Seaman (PhD)
Research Director
Aqualabs Ltd
> Website

Callie Seaman PhD is a veteran of the hydroponics industry with over 20 years’ experience in cannabis cultivation and research. She is a medical cannabis patient who strives to educate people about epilepsy and the benefits of medicinal cannabis.

Viola Brugnatelli

Viola Brugnatelli
Cannabiscienza Srl
> Website

Viola started working as a neuropharmacologist within the cannabis field in 2012, investigating novel cannabinoid receptors at the Ninewells Hospital, NHS, (Scotland). Since 2017 she is a lecturer on endocannabinology and medical cannabis and researcher at the Department of Neuroscience, University of Padua (Italy). In 2018 she co-founded Cannabiscienza Srl, a science company dedicated to educate Italy's next generation of medical cannabis leaders. In 2022 Viola co-founded Cannabiscientia SA (Switzerland) to extend this mission worldwide.



List of attendees - Zurich 2022

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Company Country Category
Adec Solutions GmbH CH Harvesting equipment
Airnatech Antiviral SL ES NONE
Alfredo Dupetit UY Seeds, Plants, Genetics
Alplant Switzerland CH CBD
Appleton Luff International Lawyers CH NONE
AquaLabs Ltd GB NONE
Artemis Growth Partners US NONE
Asahi Glassplant UK Ltd (AGI UK GB NONE
Bahnhof Apotheke Langnau AG CH NONE
Belvedere Pharma PT NONE
BergBlüten AG CH NONE
BioPower GmbH CH Seeds, Plants, Genetics
BotaniQual.Sa CH NONE
Bryan Garnier & Co DE NONE
Bundesamt für Gesundheit CH Institute
Calyx Grow (Pty) Ltd ZA NONE
Cannabilog IL NONE
Cannabiscienza Srl IT NONE
Cannabisiness NL NONE
Cannapharm AG CH Medicine
Canna Switzerland GmbH CH Grow material
CanniFex by Pinho Santos CH NONE
Canverse CH NONE
CarbonActive GmbH CH Room Technology
CB Company Switzerland CH NONE
CBDepot.eu CZ NONE
Corellia GmbH CH NONE
Curaleaf International CH NONE
Cymphonia AG CH NONE
Daniel Seidl DE NONE
Dovetail Consulting S.L. ES NONE
DrD GmbH DE Medicine
eight Industries GmbH CH NONE
Essence Vert GmbH CH CBD
Fluence Bioengineering DE NONE
gempex GmbH, NL Schweiz CH NONE
GIZEH Raucherbedarf GmbH DE Paraphernalia
Good Rechtsanwälte GmbH CH NONE
Green Agrotrade AG CH NONE
GrowMax Water Europe SL ES NONE
Grünkraft AG CH CBD
Guttentag Solutions GmbH (CBD-Test) CH Laboratory / Equipment
Hanfpost.ch CH CBD
Hanftheke Bern CH NONE
Hanfwarenhaus CH NONE
Harbour 22 GmbH CH NONE
hemp24.ch CH CBD
IG Hanf - CI Chanvre - CI Canapa CH Institute
International Extraction Services GR NONE
J. Willers Engineering AG CH NONE
JKB Research SA CH CBD
JuicyFields DE NONE
Khiron Europe GmbH DE NONE
Kiara naturals AG CH Medicine
Koppert Deutschland GmbH DE NONE
Kygron Deutschland GmbH DE NONE
la abeja inversiones agrarias ES NONE
Legal Cannabis Coalition NL NONE
Lito Law CH NONE
Lumino Group Limited GB NONE
MediCrops Holding AG CH NONE
Members Only GmbH CH NONE
MJ Universe GmbH DE Services
MLL Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Froriep AG CH Legal consulting
Naturalpes SA CH CBD
Neuraxpharm Switzerland AG CH NONE
Olla Botanicals Ltd. CH CBD
Orgacana CO NONE
Packiro GmbH DE NONE
Panizza Stefano CH NONE
Philip Morris Products SA CH NONE
Phytoflow GmbH CH Legal consulting
PhytoVitality AG CH NONE
Plagron NL Grow material
Portocanna, S.A. PT NONE
Private Investor CH NONE
Pure Holding AG CH CBD
Qualicann GmbH CH CBD
ReLeaf Malta MT NONE
Rockflowr GmbH CH NONE
Royal Brinkman NL NONE
Sainfort Production AG CH NONE
SANlight AT Grow material
Schibano Pharma Group CH NONE
Seed Innovations (LON: SEED) GG NONE
Slow Farm SA CH NONE
Spaceafrica GmbH / Invegrow CH NONE
Stecklingsfarm.ch GmbH CH Seeds, Plants, Genetics
strategista ag CH NONE
Swiss Alpinopharma GmbH DE NONE
Swiss Business Hub Southern Africa ZA NONE
SwissExtract AG CH CBD
Swiss Hemp Lab AG CH NONE
Swiss Organic Partners AG CH CBD
Swiss Quality Hemp GmbH CH NONE
Swiss Queen GmbH CH CBD
Swiss Society for Cannabis in Medicine, SGCM-SSCM CH Medicine
uWeed by Digital Hive GmbH CH CBD
VerifyMe Inc CH NONE
Vigia AG / Cannavigia CH Logistics

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Covid-19 Info

The world of events has become uncertain since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic in spring 2020. The following rules apply to the CB Club in relation to the Covid situation and other epidemics/pandemics:

Safety first!
The CB Company is taking the Covid situation very seriously and is planning the CB Club 2022 in close collaboration with the relevant responsible authorities. A limited number of people inside, sanitizer dispensers at all the key points and mandatory mask wearing and testing, depending on the situation.

The CB Club will take place if allowed by the legally applicable measures governing events in Switzerland at that time and taking into account the international travel situation.

Cancellation / Postponement
If the CB Club has to be cancelled due to Covid, a replacement date will be announced. Any tickets already purchased will be valid on the new date or else a refund can be issued free-of-charge within 10 days of the announcement.

Quarantine / Travel Bans
If travel is not possible due to quarantine regulations or travel bans, we request that customers contact us as soon as possible to find a solution.

In the event of illness, visitors have the option to transfer their tickets to other individuals from their company. A refund cannot be guaranteed in this case.

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