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Pure Holding AG

Etzmatt 273
CH - 4314 Zeiningen

0041 61 853 72 72

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Dienstleister, Grosshandel, Hanf Produzent, Hersteller
Cannabis Produkte, Dienstleistungen, Samen, Pflanzen, Genetik


Pure Holding AG covers the entire value chain of the cannabis industry with its 6 entities - Pure Production, DEOM, Puregene, Pure Pharma and Pure Europe.

Pure Production AG is the heart and soul. With our internal laboratory, packaging department, outdoor - and greenhouse cultivation, we are the world’s first public Cannabis Farm. We strive to inform the Swiss population and educate the public about cannabis and all its advantages.

DEOM Production AG, based in Fischbach Aargau, is the largest high standard indoor cultivation site in Europe on 5000 square meters.

Puregene AG is at the forefront of Cannabis breeding. Our genomic selection speed-breeding approach allows the combination of any characteristics of Cannabis and eliminates the random elements of the traditional breeding process. Our clients can choose any traits – such as purple buds or mold resistance – and we combine them in unmatched time without the use of transgenic (GMO) modification. As Europe’s leading breeding company, we offer state-of-the-art Cannabis breeding. In collaboration with the prestigious university - ETH Zürich, we are currently sequencing a large number of Cannabis genomes and connecting specific genes to the traits of our plants. Consequently, we are able to breed tailored strains according to our clients requirements with unprecedented speed. Not only will we breed elite strains but also improve existing varieties and infuse them with extra benefits, such as disease resistance.

Pure Pharma AG is the newest member of our group. Together with our German partner - leafPharma GmbH - we have developed a whole product range of cannabis-based medicinal products for the European market. To this end, leafPharma GmbH and Pure Pharma AG hold licenses to sell Europe’s first and currently only cannabis-based medical devices.

Pure Europe Sàrl & Pure Europe GmbH are based in Luxembourg and Germany. These entities were founded to ensure that we can guarantee worldwide distribution.


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